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How to curl synthetic wigs

Updated: May 28, 2022

Don’t throw that OLD wig away.‼️ Here is a quick guide to bringing your Synthetic Locks back from the dead.

  1. Make sure hair is smoothLT combed out.

  2. Shampoo - ( I like to braid it first) keeping the hair in one direction. Don’t jumble or tangle it.

  3. Add setting products like mousse, or conditinner.

  4. Roll the hair

  5. Place rolled hair in hot water 5-10min

  6. Towel Dry.

  7. Let it air dry for 1-2 days

  8. Take rollers out gently. Don’t tangle.

  9. Add light oil or sheen spray.

  10. when styling, use your fingers to unravel or separate the curls. If you use a comb or brush, it will make it poofy. And I don’t mean Big Texas Cute.

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