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Permanent Makeup

Updated: May 28, 2022

In our Busy lives, we don’t have time to ADD another thing on our plates. Allow permanent makeup to FREE up some of your time. healing takes about 6-8 weeks and you are off and running. You can wake up like Beyoncé song “ I WOKE UP LIKE THIS🔥” Wake up with enhanced beauty. The initial proceeds will look much darker or richer in color, but it will calm down. About 30 % of the color will leave. At the end of the day.. it’s WORTH IT‼️

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Lorene Conner
Lorene Conner
Feb 28, 2022

Miss Thandi blessed me with brow and lip microblading before her move to Westport. Everything healed beautifully. Thank you again.


So beautiful… I’ll be scheduling this week

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